Sullins Connector Solutions’ New 2012 Catalog Provides Up-to-Date Information on Industry’s Broadest Card Edge Connector and Header Offerings.


San Marcos, CA, July 26, 2012…Announced today by Sullins Connector Solutions, Inc., a world leader in the design and manufacturing of RoHS-compliant board-level interconnects, is the new Sullins 2012 Catalog detailing 20 series of Sullins and Micro Plastics board-to-board, board-to-cable and wire-to-board connectors. The 168-page literature boasts a 4-color cover and features comprehensive data on the company’s standard, high-density, and high-temperature card edge connectors, along with headers and shunts/jumpers, and IDC sockets and DIP plugs. Furthermore included in the catalog are datasheets containing all the product information, photos, technical drawings, electrical and mechanical specifications design engineers and purchasing professionals require to source the interconnects that best suit their application.

Highlighted in The Sullins 2012 Catalog is extensive information pertaining to standard and custom high-density, high-temperature, bi-level, male and female card edge connectors in profiles ranging from 10.25 mm (0.404″) to 23.23 mm (0.915″).  Of special note are Sullins’ new dual-edge 0.100″ (2.54 mm) contact center parts.  Sullins and Micro Plastics card edge connectors are available with standard operating temperatures ranging from -65 degrees C to +150 degrees C, or custom ordered with operating temperatures to +250 degrees C.  RoHS-compliant  lead-free (nickel underplate) plating options and readouts are detailed.  Contact centers included are 1.00 mm (.039″), 0.050″ (1.27 mm), 0.078″ (1.98 mm), 0.100″ (2.54 mm), 0.125″ (3.18 mm), 0.150″ (3.84 mm) and 0.156″ (3.96 mm).  Among the mounting style options provided are clearance holes, flush mounting, threaded inserts, straddle mount, floating bobbin, side mounting and open card slot. Termination types  are comprised of card extender, dip solder (straight or right angle), eyelet, press fit, surface mount, wire wrap, bi-level, and male card edge in card extender, dip solder (straight  or right angle) or dual edge for no solder application. Parts are supplied in a variety of contact positions to facilitate design flexibility and manufacturing efficiencies.  Male (shrouded box and breakaway) and female headers and jumpers are also covered in 1.00 mm (0.039″), 0.050″ (1.27 mm), 2 mm (0.079″) and 0.100″ (2.54 mm) contact centers.

Sullins’  and Micro Plastics’ comprehensive portfolio of custom and standard card edge connectors, headers and jumpers are employed in an extensive array of industrial, commercial, and consumer applications in which high-temperature, high-density, and high-cycle life are required.  Sullins’ 2012 Catalog may be downloaded at

About Sullins Connector Solutions

Headquartered in San Marcos, CA, Sullins Connector Solutions, Inc. ( has been a world leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of high-quality card edge connector and headers since 1971.  The Company provides the industry’s widest selection of UL/CUL approved card edge connectors, and additionally offers product development services together with engineering support.  Sullins’ card edge connectors, headers, bi-level and CompactPCIä connectors are widely specified for use in mission-critical applications by a broad spectrum of leading industrial, commercial, military and consumer products manufacturers.  Sullins’ connectors and interconnect systems are available through a global network of sales representatives and distributors.


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